Removal of in-channel structures

Health & Safety and CDM issues

In-channel structure removal will fall under the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2007 and the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) should be applied (HSE, 2007).

Key risks which might apply: access / egress to river channel, drowning, use of heavy machinery, working at height (at the top of the river banks), dust, noise etc.

Safer working is achieved through dry working and use of cofferdams should be considered where appropriate (See Section above). Dry working will be made easier during the summer season. The alternative is wet working, which is harder, riskier, and more costly. In this case, appropriate mitigation techniques should be applied; safety boats, divers etc. Modern demolition plant can be remotely operated which minimises the time operatives are in the river channel and again should be considered to reduce risks.

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