Tidal exchange systems

Health and Safety and CDM issues

Compliance with the following acts is recommended to ensure that the implementation of a tidal exchange scheme does negatively impact upon land drainage, water resources and the general environment: Land Drainage Act 1991; Water Resources Act 1991; Flood and Environment Protection Act 1985.

Throughout the development of any tidal exchange scheme all activities should be carried out in accordance with current health and safety legislation and procedures.  Apart from the “normal” health and safety issues during study, design and construction, the following are likely to need specific consideration and consultation:

  • Safe working for construction and/or maintenance taking account of tidal working and working near a watercourse.
  • Temporary or permanent signage for the site.
  • Access to the existing defence both during and following works.
  • Excavations associated with installation of hard engineering works (pipes, sluices, culverts, etc).
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