Good practice management of riparian vegetation

Effectiveness for Biological Quality Elements

Vegetation management has been show to benefit biodiversity and hence improve habitat quality for invertebrates and fish:

  • Ormerod et al. (1993) Riparian management can influence stream habitat structure and, to some extent, the macroinvertebrate fauna in the stream margins. Buffer strips consisting of broadlead trees and moorland/grassland vegetation have different effects on taxonomic composition and abundance.

Similarly, the presence of riparian vegetation has been found to result in a greater diversity of fish species when under pressure from an urbanized environment:

  • Horwitz et al. (2008) The joing influences of riparian vegetation and urbanization on fish assemblages were analyzed by depletion sampling in paired forested and non-forested reaches of 25 smalls tream along an urbanization gradient. There was a strong urbanization gradient, with reductions of intolerant species and increases of tolerant species and omnivores with increasing urbanization. Interactions between riparain vegetation type and urbanization were found for a range of fish species.


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