List of Mitigation Measures

The mitigation measures are grouped into measure types identified below. The measures included under each type have been selected through a prioritisation exercise. The prioritisation exercise considered the quality of evidence supporting the effectiveness of each measure and the frequency of use (existing and proposed) to identify those measures most applicable to FRM activities.

The number of mitigation measures included within the Manual may increase as more scientific research on effectiveness becomes available.

Sediment management to support the development and sustainability of river habitats. Sediment is defined as suspended or deposited solids which have been, or have the potential to be, transported by water.

Management of riparian and in-channel vegetation for the benefit of ecology, including the management of existing vegetation, sensitive channel management and the control of invasive species.

Removal of hard engineering structures that modify the natural flow and sediment regime, including weirs, locks, floodgates, sluices, and erosion control structures.

Installation of structures designed to facilitate and improve the passage of migratory (e.g. salmon and sea trout) and non-migratory fish where structures cannot be removed.

Structural modification or enhancement of existing hard flood risk management and land drainage structures to improve ecological value and/or changes to the operational regime of structures to improve flow and sediment regime.

Management to protect or restore the intertidal foreshore, the area regularly exposed through movement of the sea.

Management and restoration of natural in- channel and riparian morphology and process.