Loss of area of intertidal zone

Loss of intertidal area is typically a medium- to large-scale response to similar scale human-induced modification of the existing coastal or transitional system. Loss of intertidal area is most often attributable to substantial works which result in significant changes to the hydrodynamic and sedimentary regimes resulting in loss of intertidal area and associated features. However, changes in natural background parameters (wind, wave and tidal process) can also result in significant loss of intertidal area, though tending to occur over a longer temporal scale (typically years to decades) to human-induced changes which tend to occur relatively quickly (days to months). Activites which alter the hydrodynamic and sedimentary regimes or physically alter the shoreline can lead to a reduction in intertidal area, by increasing sediment erosion and transport potential. Coastal management activities can cause increased erosion of intertidal deposits resulting in a net reduction in the area of sensitive intertidal habitats.

Mitigation measures