Background to the project

This project was developed with support from the following organisations:

Under the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC), the UK must ensure the protection and where necessary improvement of river and coastal hydromorphology adversely impacted by flood management and land drainage schemes, unless there is justification otherwise.

There is a broad range of existing guidance on good engineering design and the application of mitigation measures. The array of guidance can create problems when trying to ascertain the most appropriate mitigation for a new or historic modification, and it is often difficult to ensure that the selected mitigation has sound scientific grounding.

This online Manual has been developed, following a review of a scientific evidence base, as a single source of advice for a wide range of practitioners and river and coastal managers. It intelligently signposts users to the best available design guidance for different types of engineering activity, and will be updated in future as more knowledge and information becomes available. It provides guidance on the practicable use of measures and their ecological benefits as well cross-referencing to more detailed technical design guidance.

The project has been jointly funded by the Environment Agency, Scottish Government and the Department of Environment Northern Ireland.