Fluvial Design Guide - Chapter 8 Background

Works in the river channel

Andrew Pepper and Charlie Rickard

Chapter 8 provides guidance on the planning, design, construction and maintenance of a wide range of works that may be found in rivers.

The first section covers general issues such as legal considerations and an appreciation of rivers as dynamic systems, and includes a summary of positive and negative impacts of works.

The chapter then provides guidance on specific types of work in five further sections, covering:

  • Maintaining or increasing flood capacity (channel maintenance, channel enlargement, dredging and desilting). Practical application of the Manning equation is explained.
  • Channel stabilisation (including advice on the use of in-channel structures as well as bank protection and river training works). Guidance on the design of stone revetments is also provided (stone size, composition, slope).
  • River restoration and improvement (including river diversions).
  • Outfalls, abstraction works and service crossings.
  • Culverting (with sub-sections on policy, impacts, design, and trash and security screens).

Two further sections cover temporary works in rivers, and specific health and safety issues relevant to works in the fluvial environment.

Chapter Structure

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Maintaining or increasing flood capacity

8.3 Channel stabilisation

8.4 River restoration and improvement

8.5 Outfalls, abstraction works and service crossings

8.6 Culverting of watercourses

8.7 Temporary works

8.8 Health and safety

Key references

Other references

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Case Study 8.1

Case Study 8.2

Case Study 8.3

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Partly completed weir, with construction of the remainder underway in a cofferdam

Andrew Pepper

A T Pepper
25 Greenhill Close, Copped Hall, Camberley, Surrey GU15 1PG

Andrew Pepper is a Chartered Civil Engineer specialising in hydraulics for river and dam engineering. He is a Supervising Engineer under the Reservoirs Act 1975 and is the Technical Secretary for the British Dam Society. He has a special interest in river restoration, being a member of the River Restoration Centre since 2000, and has designed and overseen the construction of many river improvement schemes for restoration and/or flood risk management.

Charlie Rickard

C E Rickard
Independent Consultant
4 Millards Lane, Lode, Cambridge CB25 9ES

Charlie Rickard has over 40 years experience in civil engineering hydraulics. He has been an independent consulting engineer since 2003, specialising in river engineering and flood alleviation. He has been a technical author for a number of hydraulic design guides, including CIRIA’s original Culvert design guide. He also has considerable experience as an expert witness, having worked on more than 15 cases, predominantly associated with flooding and land drainage.