Fluvial Design Guide - Chapter 1 Background

Design of works in the fluvial environment

Fola Ogunyoye and Jaap Flikweert

This chapter briefly describes the scope of the Fluvial design guide and introduces the subject of design in the context of asset management, describing the design process and identifying the key elements that make up good design.

The chapter then sets out the basic concepts of fluvial design, covering roles and responsibilities in the context of the strategic planning framework for flood risk management and its legal basis, and emphasising the importance of consultation throughout the design process.

There is a brief description of the fluvial system and a section summarising the various approaches available for flood risk management. This is followed by a section which goes into more detail on the subject of asset management, covering performance and reliability of assets, uncertainty, and deterioration. These are all fundamental issues that must be understood by anyone responsible for design in the fluvial environment.

The management of health and safety is discussed and the chapter goes on to describe the potential environmental impacts that may result from works in the fluvial system and opportunities for enhancement.

The chapter closes with an extremely useful summary of eight guiding principles for fluvial design – you would do well to familiarise yourself with these and use them as a reference point for any work you undertake in the future.

Chapter Structure

1.1 Scope of the guide

1.2 Design and asset management

1.3 Fluvial design process

1.4 Basic concepts

1.5 Principles of fluvial design

Key references

Other references

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Fluvial environment – St Ives, February 2007

Fola Ogunyoye

F O Ogunyoye
Technical Director
Royal Haskoning
Rightwell House, Bretton, Peterborough PE3 8DW
 01733 334455  01733 334455

Fola Ogunyoye has a unique experience of flood risk and sustainable water management, having worked as a consultant, researcher, contractor and operational manager within the industry. This unique blend has enabled him to develop a large number of innovative, yet pragmatic tools, techniques and guidance to support policy development and the delivery of sustainable flood risk management.

Jaap Flikweert

J J Flikweert
Technical Director
Royal Haskoning
Rightwell House, Bretton, Peterborough PE3 8DW
 01733 334455  01733 334455

Jaap Flikweert worked in Dutch flood risk management for ten years before moving to the UK in 2004. He has broad experience on both the coastal and the fluvial side, with an emphasis on the development of user-focused guidance, policy and complex decision making, both in the UK and the Netherlands.