Fluvial Design Guide - Chapter 11 Background

River and canal structures

Tom Crawford and John Gosden

Chapter 11 covers of all the structures commonly found in rivers and canals, providing illustrations, descriptions and design guidance for each. This is a very wide subject area, so the chapter sets out to cover the basics, and provide an introduction to the subject for the non-specialist.

The chapter starts with a discussion of basic concepts, including design flows, safety and vandalism. It continues with an overview of fluvial processes including erosion and scour, sedimentation, debris conveyance, and afflux.

The main types of structure encountered in rivers are then described in turn with a brief description, examples and design guidance, as well as references to more detailed guidance and an indication of common faults. The structures covered include gated control structures, weirs, drop structures, bridges, culverts (see also Chapter 8), flumes, siphons, outfalls (see also Chapter 8), trash screens (see also Chapter 8), pumping stations and intakes, locks (see also Chapter 6) and fishpasses. Guidance is also provided on the rehabilitation of these structures, with a summary of inspection methods, applications and limitations.

Mechanical and electrical works are described is a separate section, including gates, operating equipment and pumping plant. There are also sections on power supplies and on instrumentation and control. The latter covers forms of control and the options for remote linking.

Chapter Structure

11.1 Overview

11.2 Basic concepts in civil engineering design

11.3 Types of structure

11.4 Rehabilitation of structures

11.5 Mechanical and electrical design

11.6 Power supplies

11.7 Instrumentation, control and automation (ICA)

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A pair of sector gates at the entrance to a lock structure

Tom Crawford

T P Crawford
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Tom is a passionate and driven civil engineer with a firm focus on the pressing issues of the day: safety, sustainability and climate change. His experience in UK flood risk management has given him tough challenges on which to build. He is eagerly anticipating the fresh and diverse challenges his career will no doubt present him with.

John Gosden

J D Gosden
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John’s 29 years experience of the water industry has been obtained both in the UK and overseas and covers detailed design and construction supervision of various water projects and also maintenance of existing schemes. John has been a member of the All Reservoirs panel for over 14 years. He is also the vice-chairman of the ICOLD committee on the Operation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Dams and the chairman of the Institution of Civil Engineers Reservoir Safety Working Group.