Fluvial Design Guide - Chapter 10 Background

Flood storage works

John Ackers and Jon Bartlett

This chapter covers the use of flood storage in a fluvial system.

Most fluvial systems include the natural detention of floodwater in the floodplain, but this is not specifically covered in this chapter, which is devoted to:

  • the provision of flood detention where none currently exists;
  • the development and management of flood storage within and adjacent to the natural floodplain.

This chapter covers the works that create and augment flood storage, including the storage basin, the impoundment structure (normally an embankment dam) and the control structures that convey flows into and out of the storage basin.

It will guide you through the process of selecting where to locate the flood storage, deciding how much storage is needed, how to measure the storage capacity, selecting appropriate flow control structures, analysing how the works will perform and making sure that the flood storage scheme is safe in extreme floods.

The chapter briefly covers issues such as environmental impacts and opportunities, landscaping, land acquisition, planning consent. Construction issues and safety are also covered.

Chapter Structure

10.1 Why provide flood storage?

10.2 Types of flood storage

10.3 Planning for flood storage

10.4 Hydrological and hydraulic design

10.5 Other design considerations

Key references

Other references

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Case Study 10.1

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Case Study 10.3

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Leigh flood barrier in operation (October 2000)

John Ackers

J C Ackers
Technical Director (Hydraulics)
Black & Veatch Limited
69 London Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1LQ
 01737 774155  01737 774155

John Ackers is a specialist in reservoir engineering and hydraulics, with experience including the hydraulic structures for major hydropower schemes, flood alleviation works in the UK, dam safety and remedial works, physical model testing and sediment control. He became an AR panel engineer under the Reservoirs Act 1975 in 2001 and is the author or co-author of about 30 technical publications.

Jon Bartlett

J M Bartlett
Technical Director (Hydraulics)
Black & Veatch Limited
69 London Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1LQ
 01737 774155  01737 774155

Jon Bartlett is a specialist in hydraulics and mathematical modelling. His experience includes projects both in the UK and overseas, in particular south-east Asia. These projects have covered most aspects of catchment and estuarine management, including hydrology, urban and rural flood studies, river engineering, sedimentation, water quality, water resources and tidal power generation.