Fluvial Design Guide - Chapter 11

River and canal structures

11.1 Overview

This chapter considers the design issues that apply for the common types of structure encountered in the fluvial environment. Although civil, mechanical and electrical engineering aspects need to be fully integrated in the design process, they are more conveniently dealt with separately here.

The chapter begins by describing the application of the basic concepts that need to be considered in the civil engineering design. This is followed by a series of information sheets on the principal types of structure and then a description of the specific considerations that apply to their rehabilitation. The chapter continues by considering mechanical and electrical design, power supplies, and instrumentation, control and automation (ICA).

This chapter draws on information presented in almost every other chapter of this guide but has particularly close links with Chapter 3 (Fluvial geomorphology), Chapter 4 (Fluvial ecology) and Chapter 7 (Hydraulic analysis and design). Importantly, it relies on Chapter 8 (Works in the river channel) and Chapter 9 (Floodwalls and flood embankments) as these structures are often combined as part of river and canal works, and it is the connections between the two that are most often points of failure.

Considerable research into flood risk management is underway in the UK and Europe. Readers are encouraged to keep abreast of the latest research and development initiatives by consulting the following websites:


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