Fluvial Design Guide - Chapter 1

Design of works in the fluvial environment


Key references

Health and Safety Executive (2007). Managing health and safety in construction. Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. Approved code of practice. HSE.

This approved code of practice provides practical advice on how to comply with the duties set out in the CDM Regulations, including that of a designer. Advice within the code can help ensure health and safety is integrated into the whole life management of fluvial design from the start, and not an afterthought or bolt-on extra. This enables early identification of hazards, so they can be eliminated or reduced at the planning and design stages.

Robinson, A, Ogunyoye, F, Guthrie, G, Burgess, T, Brown, C, Chatterton, J and Rickard, C (2007). Improving data and knowledge management for effective integrated flood and coastal erosion risk management - A guide to good practice. Defra/Environment Agency R&D Technical Report FD2323/TR5. Defra. Available from: http://sciencesearch.defra.gov.uk/Document.aspx?Document=FD2323_6150_TRP.pdf

This document provides a framework, guidance and tools to support objective-led data management. In particular, it provides information on establishing the design objectives and data, in assessing the adequacy of available data, and the value or otherwise of obtaining additional data.

Sayers, P B, Gouldby, B P, Simm, J D, Meadowcroft, I and Hall, J (2003). Risk, performance and uncertainty in flood and coastal defence – a review, Defra/Environment Agency R&D Technical Report FD 2302/TR1. Defra. Available from: http://sciencesearch.defra.gov.uk/Document.aspx?Document=FD2302_3433_TRP.pdf

This document provides a fundamental understanding of risk, performance and uncertainty as they relate to flood and coastal risk management. It provides information on the variety of methods and tools for assessing risk, performance and uncertainty in the design and associated processes, together with management approaches for addressing them.

Wade, S, Simm, J, Cornell, S, Green, C, Ogunyoye, F, Stark, H, Wallis, M, Asmerom, K, Howe, J and White, I (2007). Sustainable flood and coastal erosion risk management – Part 1, Defra/Environment Agency R&D Technical Report FD2015/TR1. Defra. Available from: http://sciencesearch.defra.gov.uk/Document.aspx?Document=FD2015_6140_TRP.pdf

Wade, S, Simm, J, Bowker, P, Wallis, M, Asmerom, K, Ogunyoye, F, Budd, M, Brew, D, Howe, J, Green, C, Cornell, S and Nicholls, A (2007). Sustainable flood and coastal erosion risk management. – Part 2: Case studies report, Defra/Environment Agency R&D Technical Report FD2015/TR2. Defra. Available from: http://sciencesearch.defra.gov.uk/Document.aspx?Document=FD2015_6141_TRP.pdf

These documents provide a framework for sustainable flood risk management and management principles. It can help to ensure that opportunities for achieving more sustainable design solutions are identified early and to avoid unsustainable design practices.


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