FD2617 - Economic Appraisal of Adaption Options in Flood Risk Management

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:31/10/2008
End date:31/03/2010
  • Environmental Protection,
  • Policy Development,
  • Land,
  • Flood Defence,
  • Flood and Coastal Defence
  • Risk Solutions


Even with substantial increases in Government investment in flood management in recent years, there could still be several hundred thousand properties at significant risk of flooding and isolated properties will be too costly to defend using traditional flood protection schemes. Whilst possible solutions to adaptation issues may relate to better planning and improved project management or changes to spatial planning policies, there remains a perception that FCERM options still emerge from appraisal not yielding the most adaptable solution.

The study will determine how best to accommodate adaptability (or flexibility) in FCERM decision making, at all levels from strategic to project. A strong focus will be on coastal flooding and erosion, but exploration is also required to some degree of the inland challenges - both fluvial and pluvial/urban. The work is aimed at ensuring we are capable of making decisions on solutions that are adaptable both in terms of adjusting FCERM assets and in terms of social impacts such as on the coast. The project will also examine how the economic appraisal can overcome any bias against adaptation options or difficulties in the appraisal system.