SC090039 - Quantifying the benefits of flood risk management actions and advice

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Completed
Start date:05/01/2010
End date:27/07/2015
  • Halcrow Water


The Environment Agency aims to deliver Flood and Coastal Risk Management (FCRM) as efficiently as possible. Large capital flood defence schemes are not always financially viable, appropriate or a sustainable solution to manage flood risk in all areas. 

This project has developed methods to help assess the effectiveness of a wider portfolio of options that can be employed to manage flood risk. It will help achieve risk-based prioritisation of investments across a range of flood risk management options. In particular, the objectives are to enable practitioners to:

- make, justify and communicate flood risk management option selection, supporting investment decisions across a portfolio of flood risk management responses at a range of spatial scales

- identify and strengthen the links and dependencies between the actions and provision of advice by the Environment Agency and the putting in place of responses that reduce flood risk by other authorities, businesses and the public

- ensure that people are protected in the future by considering a broader range of flood risk management options, thus allowing flood risk management practitioners to explore portfolios of responses that are more adaptable to future climate conditions