SC110006 - Dam and reservoir conduits: inspection, monitoring, investigation, maintenance and repair

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:25/05/2012
End date:13/09/2016


Working with CIRIA, the Environment Agency has produced comprehensive guidance on the inspection, monitoring, investigation and repair of tunnels, culverts and pipes (collectively termed conduits) within dam and reservoir structures. The guidance is aimed at reservoirs engineers, operators and owners with an engineering background. 

The guidance describes contemporary best practice and experience of operating and maintaining dams and reservoir conduits. Case studies and images are used to illustrate the text, sharing practical knowledge from legacy and existing schemes – their successes, failures and challenges. 

The report contains advice on safety management and the associated responsibilities for designers and operators, with recommendations on engaging appropriate specialist advice. 

Application of the guidance will help to achieve long-term improvement in the safety management of reservoirs and dams, and so help protect human life and property. 

How can I obtain a copy of the guidance?
An electronic copy of the guide (CIRIA C743) is freely available from CIRIA’s website: CIRIA free download