FD2681 - Surveying for flood resilience at the level of an individual property

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/07/2014
End date:01/08/2015


This study develops an evidence base to support Defra objective to build flood resilience by developing a cohort of competent surveyors.         

The approach included case study investigations, a literature review and community engagement. 

Key Findings:
The study found that the Independent Flood Risk Assessor (iFRA) role, as identified in this project, requires a unique blend of skills and knowledge focussed on a thorough understanding of the flood risks and sources; building construction; the full range of PLP products that are available, and the needs and abilities of the person and family living in that property.

Whilst a PLP scheme is typically an order of magnitude lower in cost than a traditional community defence, there remains a need to adequately assess the flood risks, the property and the needs of the people who are vulnerable to flood risk.

Independent Flood Risk Assessors must be able to competently identify the most appropriate resistance and/or resilient measures given the flood, the people at flood risk, and the building’s performance under flood conditions.

All outputs are available to download from the Defra R&D website here.