FD0204 - Numerical models of non-linear surf zone processes

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/04/1994
End date:31/03/1999
  • HR Wallingford Ltd
Summary Objective:
To produce one and two-dimensional surf zone numerical models based on the Boussinesq equations with the inclusion of energy losses due to breaking. To modify the 2-D


(Advanced Nearshore Engineering MOdels for the nearshore Environment) by incorporating an adaptive grid-operating mechanism that automatically provides a highly-resolved computational grid in areas of rapidly changing hydrodynamics and low resolution where detailed modelling is not required.

Key Customer Purpose:
Improve modelling of the performance of coastal defences and sediment transport by enabling detailed modelling of the complex hydrodynamics of the surf zone and by increasing the speed and reducing the computational cost of two-dimensional


models. Improve the efficiency of coastal defence design and management to achieve better value for maoney and reduced disruption to natural processes by developing a greater understanding of coastal systems and processes and the influence of sea defences on these processes.