W5B-013 - Shingle Beach Transport Models

Theme:Modelling and Risk
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/04/1996
End date:29/03/2002
  • HR Wallingford


The project has resulted in:
• an extensive database of field measurements, available to other research projects from HR Wallingford
• a comparison of existing equations used in numerical prediction models
• development of a new conceptual longshore transport model
• initial development of a physics based cross-shore model, including the effects of a permeable beach on wave run-up and an improved representation of bottom friction
• new guidance on the use of field equipment, including the use of GIS to form digital ground models for use in transport calculations
• guidance on the analysis or prediction of long term/large scale shoreline change.

The output of this project has been fed into the subsequent Flood Defence project FD 1901- Mixed Beaches, which is due to be completed summer 2003 by DEFRA.