SC130010 - Asset Management of Masonry Waterfront Structures

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/06/2013
End date:01/11/2015


We have worked with CIRIA and other partners to produce a free guide to asset management of old masonry waterfront walls. This update to the well respected 1992 CIRIA guide ‘Old Waterfront Walls’ is available now for free download from the CIRIA website. The new guide includes much of the material from the original, along with new sections on risk management, performance assessment, the influence of legislation and valuing these assets. New developments in inspection, maintenance and repair techniques are also included in this update.

Old waterfront walls are defined as gravity walls of masonry, concrete blockwork, brickwork or mass concrete with vertical or near vertical exposed faces fronting on to the sea, river, canals, lakes or dock. They can be composed of thin masonry facings to rock or cohesive soil, but exclude revetments, sloping sea defences, dams, sheet piled walls and reinforced concrete structures.

The guide will assist owners, asset managers, engineers and contractors to:

-  Understand the fundamentals of historic waterfront wall design and construction techniques.
-  Understand the loads and processes acting on the wall.
-  Provide guidance on risk management and legislation.
-  Identify and describe techniques for the inspection, management and repair of these structures.

The guide is concerned specifically with the inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of old waterfront walls. Numerous case studies are included in this updated guide.

A free version of the guide is available to download: CIRIA website.