FD2413 - Guidance on design and implementation of managed realignment

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/03/2003
End date:30/05/2004
  • Coastal Defence,
  • Flood and Coastal Defence,
  • Engineering,
  • Land,
  • Environmental Protection,
  • Habitat conservation
  • Construction Industry Research Association
Project Closing Statement:
The `Managed Realignment Guide` provides comprehensive information to assist designers and managers:
- improve the design and implementation of coastal and estuarine managed realignment projects
- facilitate the wider and correct use of managed realignment
- increase stakeholder confidence in managed realignment as an option for flood management
- encourage more sustainable design and construction for flood management
- help conserve and enhance natural coastal environments
The Guide is divided into three parts to give an easily accessible structure for different users

Summary Objective:
To improve the design and implementation of managed realignment projects and encourage wider use as a tool for achieving sustainable coastal management and flood defence

Key Customer Purpose:
To deliver guidance on technical design for realignment schemes and practical advise for engineers to help them address issues that they may face in scheme development.