SC120008 - Aquatic and Riparian Plant Management - Controls for Vegetation in Watercourses

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:17/09/2012
End date:13/01/2015


The management of aquatic and riparian plants is essential to ensure the efficient functioning of many watercourses. Management needs to be cost-effective, take account of legal restrictions, and meet the objectives of the greatest number of watercourse users while minimising any negative environmental impacts.

This new field manual, technical guide and decision-making spreadsheet tool is intended for use in catchments where aquatic and riparian plants need to be periodically controlled or removed to achieve the watercourses desired function. A case study report and a literature review report summarise the evidence on which the framework is based. 

The outputs from this project provide watercourse managers in flood risk management operating authorities in England and Wales with a framework to help inform decisions on when and how to manage vegetation, taking into account both the species present and the type of watercourse.