SC070061 - A Scoping Study for Coastal Asset Management

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/11/2007
End date:31/01/2010
  • HR Wallingford,
  • Halcrow Water


In preparation for our strategic overview on the coast and in recognition that Sir Michael Pitt’s Foresight update had reinforced the vulnerability of the coast to climate change, the Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) Theme of the Joint EA/Defra R&D Programme identified the need to; a) better understand current asset management practices on the coast; and b) to scope a future consistent approach to the management these flood and protection assets. The Scoping Study for Coastal Asset Management has developed the prioritised framework of research needed to deliver the vision of a consistent approach to coastal asset management. This study has included extensive consultation with practitioners from EA and Maritime Local Authorities as well as academics so as to tease out; the current state of the art; good practice; and end user needs.