SC140029 - Defects in Hidden Bridge Components

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:31/12/2014
End date:30/03/2017


This collaborative project has produced a report that collates a group of case studies which demonstrate that hidden defects do exist in critical bridge components. In some cases they have threatened safety to the travelling public. In extreme cases they have resulted in the collapse of bridges without warning. If the risk posed by hidden defects is not managed appropriately then the likelihood of encountering such failures will increase.

The guide covers the topics of inspection, identification, maintenance and design and discusses aspects of defect detection and management in the context of potential impact on structural stability of the whole bridge. It also includes published case studies as well as the experiences of the authors and the organisations represented on the project steering group.

How can I obtain a copy of the guidance?
The report is available to purchase on the CIRIA website, reference C764.