SC070039 - The Costs of the Summer 2007 Floods in England

Theme:Modelling and Risk
Project status:Completed
Start date:17/10/2007
End date:31/01/2010
  • economics and finance,
  • Flood Defence,
  • politics and public administration,
  • food,
  • government,
  • agrienvironmental research,
  • agriculture and health
  • Cranfield University


This project sought to provide a comprehensive and transparent monetary estimate of the total economic cost of the summer 2007 floods. The research covers all the known economic costs and consequences of the floods, including imapcts on households, businesses, cost and disruption to power and water utilities, disruption to communications, damage to infrastructure, agricultural damage and impact on emergency services (including the Environment Agency. The research also looks at the impacts on public health, disruption to education and the longer term consequences of severe flooding.