SC150005 - Working with Natural Processes evidence base

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Completed
Start date:23/02/2015
End date:31/10/2017


Our research
There has been much research on Natural Flood Management (NFM) but it has never been synthesised into one location, meaning that it has been hard for flood risk managers to access up-to-date information on it and to fully understand its potential benefits. To address this gap, we have undertaken 3 projects to develop the NFM evidence base:

An Evidence Directory which summarises the effectiveness of 14 different NFM measures from a FCRM perspective as well as their wider ecosystem service benefits. It also includes: a literature review; 65 case study examples; 14 one-page summaries of each measure; and guidance on monitoring. 
Open access maps which can be used with partners to identify the types of measure that may work in a catchment and where to potentially locate them (see here)
A supporting guide which sits alongside these products and explains the types and extent of evidence needed to help make the case for WWNP when developing business cases. It also includes guidance on WWNP and groundwater flooding.

How will the outputs be used?
The outputs can be used by those planning projects which include WWNP measures to help understand:
•their potential FCRM benefits and multiple benefits
•any gaps in knowledge
•where it has been done before and any lessons learnt
•where in a catchment they might be most effective

We have also written a presentation using Prezi to give an overview of the project: WWNP Evidence Base Prezi Presentation [Open in Chrome].