SC120014 - Updating the Fluvial Freeboard Guidance Note (W187)

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:15/10/2012
End date:30/04/2017


We have produced a new guide to help you assess uncertainty in both your flood and coastal risk management projects and decisions, and to develop appropriate allowances for remaining uncertainties. This guide replaces our old guidance on fluvial freeboard R&D report W187. 

Who is it aimed at?
It is aimed primarily at flood risk management authorities and consulting engineers working on their behalf. The guide also covers issues of uncertainty in flood risk assessment for new development. 

How is the new guide different?
The new guide presents a fundamentally new approach to assessing uncertainty and developing allowances for residual uncertainties. This new approach encourages the identification and documentation of all uncertainties throughout the project life cycle and will allow you to take a proportional response to the management of any residual uncertainty.

Where can I access it?
You can download a copy from the project documents tab above.