SC110004 - Guidance for Beach Modelling Based on Desk-based Performance Analysis of Existing Schemes

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:28/07/2011
End date:26/08/2014
Project pages:Beach Modelling Slides


Beach management is a commonplace activity as part of the UK’s coastal flood and erosion defence provision. Decisions on development of such schemes are often informed by beach modelling including numerical, physical and empirical approaches.

This report aims to improve understanding in this area by looking at previous schemes. The research has investigated the lessons that can be learned from the actual performance of schemes compared with original model expectations by reviewing case studies for 11 sites and drawing upon anecdotal information gathered through engagement with industry practitioners.

This process has identified a range of considerations that should be taken into account when beach modelling is being considered or undertaken. It is aimed at commissioning organisations who are planning to develop a beach scheme or undertake beach management as part of their coastal flood or erosion risk management practices who may not have detailed technical knowledge of beach modelling approaches.