SC050051 - MDSF2 Main Phase - Modelling and Decision Support Framework for Flood and Coastal Risk Management Planning

Theme:Modelling and Risk
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/09/2005
End date:28/02/2013
  • Flood Defence
  • HR Wallingford,
  • Halcrow Water,
  • JBA,
  • Middlesex University FHRC,
  • Halcrow Group Ltd


The MDSF is the Modelling and Decision Support Framework developed by HR Wallingford, Halcrow, CEH Wallingford and the Flood Hazard Research Centre (FHRC) for Defra and the Environment Agency. MDSF is a tool to be used by the Environment Agency and consultant staff in the development of Catchment Flood Management Plans (CFMPs), Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) and other flood studies. 

The MDSF2 builds on the original MDSF, which was designed for catchment scale modelling and has been widely used for flood and erosion isk assessments as part of Catchment Flood Risk Management Plans and Shoreline Management Plans. The MDSF uses a simplified representation of the role of assets and does not properly take account of asset performance, which is a crucial input in understanding and managing 'true' risk. The MDSF2 incorporates an approach based on the Risk Assessment for Strategic Planning (RASP) methodologies that includes probabilistic analysis of assets.

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