FD2113 - Spatial Temporal Rainfall Modelling with Climate Change Scenarios

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/10/2003
End date:30/09/2006
  • Environmental Protection,
  • Modelling,
  • Flood Defence,
  • Land,
  • Flood and Coastal Defence
  • University - London - University College,
  • University - London - Imperial College


The final output of this research provides tools for assessing the flood risk from future climatic change. The technical report presents methodological developments for generating artificial rainfall sequences that are suitable for flood risk assessment and management, and for combining information from several climate models. The importance of using multiple climate scenarios is underlined whilst software to implement the methods developed is also made available. Those involved in current flood risk and future flood mitigation will be particularly interested in these outputs.


This project addresses the key issue of developing methodologies to link the tools being developed in FD2105 with the outputs from the latest numerical climate models to provide inputs to catchment rainfall-runoff models at appropriate temporal scales for flood estimation. KEY


This research provides a major enhancement of the value of the continues simulation tools developed in FD2105 `Improved methods for national spatial-temporal rainfall and evaporation modelling` by addressing the important issue of climate change and will aid FD2106 `National river catchment flood frequency method using continuous simulation`.