FD2201 - Extreme Event Recognition, Fluvial

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/08/2001
End date:28/02/2002
  • Environmental Protection,
  • Land,
  • Forecasting,
  • Flood and Coastal Defence,
  • Flood Defence
  • University - Salford
Project closing statement
The aims of this study were to investigate the nature of extreme rainfall events and the meteorological situations leading to their occurrence and also the susceptibility of river catchments to their spatial and temporal rainfall problems

Summary Objective:
Analyse historical extreme flood events, investigate and identify characteristics of meteorological conditions which can result in extreme floods in order to improve recognition of possible events in the future.

Key Customer Purpose:
Improve the forecasting and alerting process of meterological conditions which might cause extreme floods, to enable the Environment Agency to improve the lead time for public warnings and operational preparations.