FD0305 - Absolute fixing of Tide gauge bench marks

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/04/1991
End date:31/03/2000
  • Natural Environment Research Council
Summary Objectives:- To record the position of tide gauge benchmarks relative to the geocentre and monitor vertical land movements at tide gauge sites using the Global Positioning System (GPS) . To formulate a procedure that can be used for measuring vertical crustal movements at national tide gauges, using gravimetry. Key Customer Purpose:- Improve the quality of sea level data from around the UK coast by decoupling land and sea movements, in order to determine the effect of global warming on the level of the seas around the British Isles and hence improve estimates of the real, rather than relative, sea level rise and accelerations in the rate of this rise. This information will be useful to MAFF for the formulation of long term coastal defence policy.