W5-042 - Freeboard: Standard Practice Document

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:02/03/1998
End date:30/09/1999
  • Mott MacDonald


This Guidance Note has been written to assist Flood Defence Engineers responsible for the design and economic appraisal of fluvial flood defences. Brief overview of the Contents of the Guidance Note
Chapter 1 - Introduction and definition of Freeboard.
Chapter 2 - The rationale for Freeboard, Standard of Protection and Economic Appraisal
Chapter 3 - The Freeboard Procedure - A step by step approach to applying Freeboard
Chapter 4 - The Physical Components of Freeboard identified and Quantified
Chapter 5 - The Uncertainty Component of Freeboard - Quick Method of Determination
Chapter 6 - The Uncertainty Component of Freeboard - Detailed Method of Determination