FD2682 - Supporting uptake of low-cost resilience for properties at risk of flooding

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Underway
Start date:01/07/2015
End date:31/05/2017


To identify barriers and to propose solutions to promote low cost approaches that would make properties at risk of flooding more resilient to damage from flood waters.  

• Making properties ‘flood repairable’: Review the range of building materials available to adapt and restore properties. Identify packages of materials and simple measures for restoration that would make properties more resilient to damage from future flooding. The materials or measures would replace those used in ‘like for like’ repair, without significantly increasing costs to those paying for the work. 

• In particular: to understand how the Property Support Network currently perceive no/low cost technologies and explore how they work with no/low costs technologies in their interactions with householders;

• Develop a strategy for working with the Property Support Network – builders, retailers, loss adjusters, local authorities, and insurers – to support take-up of these approaches.
• Develop and run a small-scale demonstration project to test and evaluate an innovative approach to flood repairable systems in a flood-prone area