SC010011 - Climate Change Impacts on Flood Flows in Smaller Catchments

Theme:Modelling and Risk
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/04/2001
End date:30/12/2004
  • CEH - Wallingford


The primary output of this project is the final report W5-032/TR. This details the research modelling methodology, including detailed model descriptions and an assessment of the hydrological model uncertainty. The report describes the study catchments and the methods used to construct the various climate change scenarios and presents, in particular, a discussion of the rainfall series produced to drive the hydrological models, both for the 1961-1990 baseline period and the future time periods under climate change.

The research has been undertaken to inform the development of Departmental guidance on climate change impacts on flood flows in the UK. While efforts have been made to draw out some generalised conclusions, relating catchment properties with the impact scenarios, the small number of sample catchments means that the results should not be taken as representative of regional or national changes in flood frequency under climate change.