SC080050 - Developing a Prototype Tool for Mapping Flooding From All Sources

Theme:Modelling and Risk
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/02/2009
End date:30/09/2011
  • technology and innovation,
  • Flood Defence,
  • science,
  • information technology
  • Halcrow Water


The project has delivered a methodology (phase 1) and propotype tool (phase 2) for considering and mapping all sources of flood risk. The project facilitates the combination of established risk data (flooding from rivers and the sea), with new data (such as surface water and reservoir inundation flood risk), while facilitating the future inclusion of developing datasets (groundwater flood risk for example). This is undertaken in a probabilisitic way that considers flooding from mulitple sources in an intelligent, pragmatic way (it does not just take a cumulative approach which could 'colour large parts of the national map blue')!