SC080005 - ERA-NET CRUE Co-ordination De La Recherche Sur La Gestion Des Inonduations Financee Dans L'Union Europeenne

Theme:Cross cutting consortia
Project status:Completed
Start date:27/06/2008
End date:31/12/2012
  • EA - Environment Agency,
  • FZJ-P - Research Centre Jülich,
  • European Commission,
  • RCAFE - Research Centre of Agricultural and Forest Environment,
  • MinVenW - Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management,
  • SG-EQD - Scottish Government, Environmental Quality Directorate,
  • MEEDDAT - The Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Planning,
  • Flanders Hydraulics Research,
  • APAT - Agency for the Environment and for Technical Services,
  • BMLFUW - Federal Ministry of Agericulture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management,
  • PTKA - The Project Management Agency Research Centre Karlsruhe,
  • OPW - Office of Public Works,
  • SYKE - The Finnish Environment Institute,
  • BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research,
  • VKKI - Central Directorate for Water and Environment,
  • MEC - Ministry of Education and Science,
  • DEFRA - Department of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs,
  • MSHE - Ministry of Science and Higher Education


 The CRUE European Research Area Network (ERA ‐ Net) was set up to improve the coordination of European flood research programmes and funding initiatives. The network has 12 partner organisations from 10 different countries. These organisations have funded research projects aimed at increasing the resilience of communities to flooding.

 This project summary reports on the second phase of CRUE funding (from 2009) which resulted in a €2.6 million, three‐year research programme with a focus on managing the consequences of flooding and increasing community resilience to flooding. Seven pan‐European collaborative projects were selected for funding. The main findings of the three projects part funded by Defra and the Environment Agency are outlined below.