SC140012 - River weirs – design, maintenance, modification and removal - update of the weir good practice guide

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:03/03/2014
End date:04/09/2017


Working collaboratively with CIRIA we have published good practice guidance on the design, maintenance, modification and removal of weirs. The new guide replaces the Environment Agency River weirs: good practice guide published in 2003. Although this was comprehensive, since its publication lessons have been learnt about the safety and operation of weirs and the Water Framework Directive has led to a greater emphasis on weir removal to restore fish passage and natural geomorphological processes.

The new guide is aimed at all those involved in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, modification or removal of weirs on rivers, canals and canalised rivers. 

How can I obtain a copy of the guidance?
This guide is free to download from the CIRIA website reference C763.