SC050049 - Integration of Geotechnical Process into Flood Embankment Management

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/09/2005
End date:14/07/2011
  • Flood Defence
  • Strathclyde University


The Environment Agency commissioned research project Integration of Geotechnical Processes in Flood Embankment Management (SC050049) in 2005 to improve the representation of geotechnical processes for flood embankments within the Performance based Asset Management System project (SC040018).

During the lifetime of the project it became apparent that the proposed International Levee Handbook project would cover many of the issues due to be addressed by Integration of Geotechnical Processes into Flood Embankment Management. It was therefore decided not to progress further with this work as part of SC050049. The project team produced draft reports on their work and these have been used to inform the discussion about the proposed technical content for the International Levee Handbook (which has now been published in the scoping study report which is available here -

In light of the forthcoming International Levee Handbook, the Environment Agency do not intend to publish technical reports relating to the Integration of Geotechnical Processes into Flood Embankment Management project.