FD2664 - Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder evaluation

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/06/2015
End date:01/11/2015


The purpose of the evaluation was to report on the progress made by the individual pathfinder projects, assess the results and impacts of the scheme as a whole and ensure that lessons can be learnt from the pathfinder schemes. 

The project used a mixed methods approach using qualitative and quantitative social research techniques.  This included a baseline and end of project survey with households and interviews with project managers.

Key Findings:  
 - The evaluation conceptualised community resilience across five different resilience types: community capacity; economic, financial, institutional and infrastructure resilience.

 - Community engagement was the key mechanism through which interventions were delivered: an essential starting point was to understand where a community was starting from in terms of building resilience.

 - Interventions led by community priorities (rather than the priorities of the flood management institutions) appear to result in more effective flood resilience in the long term.