FD2625 - Establishing a Local Flood Risk Management Portal

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/01/2010
End date:01/07/2010
  • Flood and Coastal Defence,
  • Policy Development,
  • Flood Defence,
  • Environmental Protection,
  • Land


As a result of recent severe flooding and in line with Pitt recommendations, Defra announced new funding and responsibilities to manage flooding from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses. The Flood and Water Management Bill will give local authorities new roles and responsibilities for local flood risk management; which covers these areas. As a result, more Local Authorities will need to improve or extend their flood and drainage management such as developing local flood risk management strategies, leading surface water management plans (SWMP) and adopting sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

In order for organisations and practitioners to work effectively and increase their knowledge and capacity in local flood risk management, key reference documents covering policy, guidance and good practice need to be available. There is not currently a single and authoritative on-line source of supporting information for local flood risk management.