SC120010 - Communicating risk: for understanding, belief, ownership and action

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Completed
Start date:17/08/2012
End date:24/10/2016


Nearly one in six properties in England is at risk of flooding. However, many people at serious risk of being affected by flooding are not aware of the extent of that risk. Many are also not aware of what they can do to reduce the effects of flooding, if it does occur.

A major public dialogue project on flood risk communication, funded by the Environment Agency and Sciencewise, has investigated what type of communications will improve public understanding of flood risk and encourage people to take action. This has been done in partnership with Defra, the Met Office, the Cabinet Office, Public Health England, the Flood Forecasting Centre and the National Flood Forum.

The dialogue with members of the public considered the meaning of messages about flood risk, including the link between understanding the risk and taking action. The dialogue also covered innovative methods and techniques to help individuals and communities understand their risk of flooding.

The project outputs are available to download from the 'project document' tab.