SC010053 - Engineering Materials in Flood and Coastal Defences

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:31/10/2001
End date:30/06/2005
  • HR Wallingford


The new manual addresses the principal issues surrounding the engineering use of timber. It includes:
• an introduction to the use of timber in coastal and river engineering
• a summary of some of the relevant natural characteristics of wood
• properties of processed timber
• a framework for responsible selection and procurement of timber materials (including recycled timber)
• discussion of design and construction issues
• guidance specific to different types of timber structures.
• guidance on monitoring and assessment of existing timber structures
• details on maintenance, repair and enhancement of timber structures, including maintenance practices.

Useful Appendices to the manual are:
• one page summaries of properties for each of 76 potential timber species
• a model construction specification