FRS19212 - Making our flood risk management works more sustainable-reducing our carbon footprint

Theme:Asset Management
Project status:Underway
Start date:01/04/2019
End date:31/12/2020
Climate Change is in part caused by increases in atmospheric CO2 which are the result of burning fossil fuels. In 2008 the government Climate Change Act was published and this created a net UK carbon account for the year 2050, which should be at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline. Reducing our carbon footprint in FCRM is very relevant because we own, manage and maintain existing assets and infrastructure which produce operational carbon. We also develop and deliver schemes which lead to and produce both operational and embodied carbon respectively. In order to reduce our carbon emissions we have established our carbon footprint to understand the total amount of carbon we emit into the atmosphere per year across the business Our schemes have the potential to reduce/avoid carbon emissions through use of Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures. However, we currently do not have any mechanisms in place to set-up an internal carbon market to offset carbon where less carbon-heavy options are not available. Such a mechanism could potentially enable a reduction in flood risk within rural communities where a flood risk scheme may not be cost beneficial. The overall objective of this project is to undertake a detailed review of the existing literature and current practice across the construction sector to help inform the development of: • an approach for facilitating reductions in carbon emissions across our FCRM projects and programme • a potential mechanisms for carbon trading or offsetting.