FD2679 - Adapting to coastal erosion: evaluation of rollback and leaseback schemes in Coastal Pathfinder projects

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/08/2014
End date:01/04/2015


The project sought to provide Defra with evidence of whether rollback and buy/leaseback are desirable and feasible options for Local Authorities affected by coastal change, and to provide new approaches to adapting to coastal change where this is the case.              

The evaluation was based on a case study methodology in five locations. Information and documents were collected from each case study and a number of interviews carried out in each location.

Key findings:
- Overall evidence from the Pathfinder projects suggests that rollback, with the right policies and mechanisms in place, is a feasible adaptation option that is desirable from the perspective of the Local Authority and the individuals at imminent risk of coastal erosion.

- Buy-in at the community level can be more difficult to achieve, but effective communication can increase awareness and understanding of the situation (in terms of the options available in the wider context of coastal erosion issues) and thus increase desirability.

- The problems encountered in the Pathfinder projects provide valuable lessons for other Local Authorities in terms of expected issues and how to overcome them.