SC110003 - Evaluating and Improving the Grid-to-Grid (G2G) Model for Flood Forecasting in Rapid Response Catchments

Theme:Incident Management & Modelling
Project status:Underway
Start date:01/04/2011
End date:31/12/2019


We will develop a methodology for assessing the performance of the Grid-to-Grid (G2G) model for flood forecasting in rapid response catchments and then undertake this assessment of G2G driven by a number of recently developed, and developing, high resolution rainfall forecasts.
Learning from these assessments, improvements to G2G for flood forecasting in rapid response catchments will be made and recommended for implementation.
Overall the project will deliver an evaluation of Grid2Grid’s capability in forecasting for rapid response catchments that can be used to inform the level of service that can be provided by G2G. It will identify what improvements are necessary to enhance our operational capability in this area.