SC120015 - Catchment process modelling

Theme:Policy, Strategy & Investment
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/06/2013
End date:31/03/2016


This project reviews existing modelling software, mapping techniques and data to establish how they could be used to assess a wide range of catchment processes to help develop flood and coastal erosion risk management projects that ‘work with natural processes’ to reduce flood risk.

Working with natural processes is defined as taking action to manage fluvial and coastal flood and coastal erosion risk by protecting, restoring and emulating the natural regulating function of catchments, rivers, floodplains and coasts.

The outputs will help flood risk specialists to understand how their catchment works and identify potential data, tools and models they could use when undertaking a working with natural processes scheme in their catchment.

All outputs from this project are available to download from the project documents tab.

The webinar 'how to model catchment processes to reduce flood risk' can be found via the external links tab.