SC010046 - Concerted Action on Delivering the Construction Product

Theme:Sustainable Asset Management
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/11/2002
End date:01/02/2005
  • HR Wallingford


This guidance document has been produced following detailed consultation with a wide range of design engineers, clients and contractors. It addresses the safety management of coastal and maritime design and construction work, and identifies principles of good practice to be applied during each phase of coastal and maritime construction projects.

This document incorporates lessons learnt from previous experience in the coastal and maritime construction sectors, and contains guidance and recommendations for all stakeholders involved in the safety of construction work in the coastal and maritime environment.
Key areas covered by this guidance are:
• the regulatory environment
• causes of accidents in coastal and maritime construction
• key hazards in coastal and maritime engineering
• guidelines for good practice
i) good practice for generic areas of coastal and maritime construction
ii) good practice at each project stage.