SC990007 - Flood Warning for Vulnerable Groups

Theme:Incident Management and Community
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/07/2001
End date:01/03/2005
  • Surrey University


The response to a flood warning is degraded because potential recipients may not be available to receive the warning, may not be able to respond if they do receive it, and even if they do respond their actions may not be effective in mitigating the impact of the flood. Parker (1991) has estimated that the combined effect of these factors reduces the flood damage avoided to third of the potential flood damage avoided through a warning. Those who do not receive warnings, cannot act on them or do not know what to do are particularly vulnerable to floods, and the research proposed here seeks to identify who they are and how their responses to warnings can be improved.

The research objectives were to:
• document the social distribution of flood risk (are some social groups disproportionately likely to experience flooding?)
• document the variance of awareness of flood risk within the populations in flood risk areas
• document the variance in ability to respond to flood warnings and cope with flood event within the population in flood risk areas