FD2403 - Soft Cliffs: Prediction of Recession Rates and Erosion Control Techniques: Examples and Publication

Theme:Strategy and Policy Development
Project status:Completed
Start date:01/03/2001
End date:30/07/2002
  • Engineering,
  • Land,
  • Coastal Defence,
  • Flood and Coastal Defence,
  • Environmental Protection
  • Rendel Geotechnics Consultants
Project closing statement
Provides state-of-the-art guidance for coastal engineers and planners on how eroding cliffs can be best managed, stressing the need to consider both structural and non-structural solutions to cliff recession problems.

Summary Objective:-
To update, expand and publish the results of an earlier DEFRA project on soft cliffs that predicted recession rates and developed erosion control techniques.

Key Customer Purpose:-
To ensure that managers and technicians working on coastal erosion and protection have access to relevant up-to-date research findings.