SC130007 - Optimising the accuracy of radar products with dual polarisation

Theme:Incident Management & Modelling
Project status:Completed
Start date:25/03/2015
End date:27/03/2018


Rainfall forecast data generated at the Met Office is vital for providing weather and flood warnings. Working collaboratively with the Met Office and the Flood Forecasting Centre this project has looked at ways of improving the accuracy and reliability of the radar network - as well as fully exploiting and bringing into operation the latest technology.

Radar is particularly important in detecting localised rainfall (often not detected or under-sampled by rain gauge networks), especially where it falls on catchments prone to flash flooding. The upgrade to the UKs dual polarisation radar network in 2016 and the updated data analysis methods from this study means that we can make a step change in the accuracy of rainfall estimates, in particular in very intense precipitation, where radar estimates are most valuable.